Free Printable Note Naming Worksheets

April 7, 2008

Here’s a collection of free printable worksheets for the young pianist. The first worksheet, Color That Note is a great place to start for the beginning piano student. Other as good drill and practice worksheets for most student in their first or second year of study.


Color That Note! Note Naming Worksheets

Color That Note! Note Naming Worksheets provide the beginning music student with a fun way to learn their note names. To complete this activity the student will choose 5 crayons, color over each of the first 5 whole notes with a different color for each note, and then complete the rest of the worksheet by naming each note correctly, and coloring each note the same color as it was colored at the top of the worksheet.


Ready, Set, Go! Note Name Speed Tests

Ready, Set, Go! Note Name Speed Tests will challange beginning music students to develop speed and accuracy in their treble and bass clef note naming skills. With the clock ticking, students will name 10 notes as fast as they can. When they complete the line they will record their time (incorrect answers add 5 seconds to their time). Start the clock again and try to beat your score.


Let’s Crossword! Note Naming Worksheet

Let’s Crossword! Note Naming Worksheet is perfect for beginning and intermediate music student, helping them to learn note names in a fun way. Figure out what each note name is, then write the alphabet letter in the blank below the note. Once you discover what the word is, you can start solving the puzzle!


I Thought That I Was Crazy: A Wacky Note Naming Activity

Here’s a chance to read a funny poem and learn your note names at the same time. Some of the words in this poem are spelled out with music notes instead of alphabet letters. Figure out what the note names are and write them in the blanks below the notes to solve the puzzle.


Also …

Try Eek! Shark!, a fantastically fun note naming arcade game featuring Oliver the Octopus and friends.

“Snagglebeard’s pirate ship has hit a reef, and treasure is falling from a hole in the boat. Collect the coins the name the notes correctly before time runs out. But watch out! Wrong answers bring sharks. Three sharks ends the game!”


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